What Pochettino did instead of celebrating when Chelsea scored their 3rd goal v Spurs


Last night saw one of the craziest ever game in Premier League history.

Chelsea went to Tottenham and thrashed them 4-1 and as well as that, misfiring striker Nicolas Jackson scored a hat trick!

Spurs lost their discipline and had two players sent off, ironically two players who should have been sent off earlier in the game. And their manager continued to have them playing a high line with just 9 men.

This was a huge risk that obviously backfired, but it was also close to paying off at times with Spurs coming very close to scoring a couple of goals.

But it was Chelsea who did what they were expected to against 9 players and went on to get the four goals. But Mauricio Pochettino didn’t celebrate after the 3rd goal, instead he was angry and speaking with his defenders about Spurs almost scoring just before!

As cited by The Chelsea Chronicle, pundit Gary Neville said after the goal on Pochettino, “He’s still angry with them. He’s talking to his defenders.”

What a crazy night.


Source: chelseanews.co

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