Horse Steps On Coffin During Funeral, Then The Family Hears Crying From Inside


Michael was heartbroken. This day marked his final farewell to his beloved wife, Jessica. Fulfilling her final wish, the family allowed her horse to attend the funeral. However, something unexpected happened. The horse inexplicably began stepping on the coffin, a behavior Michael had never witnessed before.

Even worse, the family’s attempts to control the horse were unsuccessful. The horse even managed to break the lid of the coffin. Then they heard a sound from the coffin that left everyone in shock.

Getting the Horse Away From the Coffin

The family used all of their efforts to pull the horse from the coffin. Their confusion grew as they considered why the horse had acted in such a manner. The ceremony had proceeded flawlessly until now, but was the funeral truly ruined?

A Sound From Inside the Coffin

As the horse settled down, the peaceful atmosphere was abruptly disturbed, this time by a quiet sobbing. Michael glanced around, only to find that everyone else appeared just as confused as he was about the source of the cries. His attention was drawn to the shattered coffin, as it became clear that the crying was emanating from inside.

Michael Gasped

Michael leaped onto the wooden platform and yanked away the broken piece. The sight that greeted him underneath was beyond comprehension. What lay inside the coffin puzzled him greatly. Why did Jessica’s horse respond in such an unexpected manner, and were all the guesses the family held about her mysterious passing actually true?

Shocking News

The sudden and unexpected passing of Jessica was a shock to her loved ones, especially her devoted husband, Michael. Although he noticed she hadn’t been feeling her best, she reassured him repeatedly that she was okay. She even mentioned consulting a doctor who confirmed her well-being. Michael couldn’t fathom how she managed to conceal the truth from him.

He Never Expected This

Without the chance to give Jessica a proper farewell, he was left devastated. Authorities arrived at his workplace to deliver the news of a distress call from the stables where Jessica’s beloved horse, Nicolai, resided. In a matter of moments, Michael’s entire world crumbled.

Help Came Too Late

Jessica had been found unconscious in the stable next to her horse. She was found by one of the employees, who immediately for help. Police and ambulance personnel were quickly on the scene, but they were sadly still too late…

Finding the Cause of Death

Jessica was pronounced dead on the scene, according to the officer that came to inform Michael. She had been transported to a morgue where he was going to determine the cause of death. If Michael still wanted to see his wife as he remembered her, he would have to make it there before the investigation started.

Seeing His Wife One Last Time

Of course, Michael did not hesitate a moment to make it over there. The coroner took the sheet off her face, and tears were streaming down Michaels’s face. She did not look any different than when he saw her that morning. Beautiful and healthy, she had not even gone pale yet. How could this have happened to her?

Making Arrangements

But Michael did not have much time to grieve or to wait for the result of the autopsy. He needed to start making arrangements for the funeral and call all of Jessica’s loved ones to deliver the gut-wrenching news. All the responses he got to his calls would stay with him for a long time, but one stood out in particular…

Last Wish

The response came from Jessica’s best friend, with whom she often went horse riding. She was also very much distraught by the news even though she had heard about it already, but also just happened to know Jessica’s last wish. Michael was shocked by what she would reveal.

The Funeral

Apparently, Jessica had told her many times that if she would ever come to pass away, she would want her horse Nicolai to be at the funeral. It was like she had predicted that it might happen soon. Michael wasn’t sure if it was even allowed. But he had to make this happen.

Strange Feeling

Michael guessed that it made sense that out of all people, she would know this information, but he just found it strange that they had talked about this at all. Why would Jessica even talk about passing away at all? She was way too young, and the horse would never under normal circumstances outlive her.

A Good Reason

But Michael would definitely take it into account when making arrangements for the funeral. If there was even a chance that his now late wife would have wanted it, he was going to make it happen. There had to be a good reason for it.

Cause of Death

For the next couple of days, Michael was doing his very best to make preparations for the funeral at the held of Jessica’s parents. But in the back of their head, they were still very much thinking about the possible cause of death. Was there any foul play involved?

Getting the Horse to the Funeral

Getting the horse to attend the funeral was actually surprisingly easy. There just had to be somebody there who was trained to control the animal, and Jessica’s best friend fit that bill. She had cared for Nicolai when Jessica could not be there. The horse felt very comfortable with her, maybe a little too comfortable?

Day Before

She would transport the horse on her trailer on the day of the funeral and have it there before the other guests arrived for the burial. Nobody objected to the horse being there. It should be a beautiful moment. But would eventually cause a lot of chaos.

No Cause of Death

To Michaels’s surprise, on the day of the funeral, there was still no word about how Jessica had died, and it started to frustrate him more and more. He almost called off the funeral because he thought something was definitely up. But he knew he couldn’t risk angering her family with his paranoia.


He had called the number of the person in charge of this multiple times already but got told again and again that it was complicated and he had to be patient. “What do you mean complicated?” Michael screamed over the phone. But he got no real response. They had definitely found something…


He did already place Jessica in her coffin which was transported to her last resting place as he now only needed to look at the samples he had collected. The test results would only come after the burial and Michael had no patience. He had to get answers!


But Michael was not satisfied with this at all and decided that he wanted to file a complaint about the time it was taking. He would get a response later that day, but it would turn his whole world upside down. But first, the funeral had to happen.

Closed Casket

For now, his focus needed to be on the funeral. He wanted to give Jessica a worthy goodbye more than anything. And this would be done with a closed casket. This was a request from the man who did the autopsy. But it turned out the horse would have different plans.

The man who did the autopsy had strongly advised this due to Jessica now being deceased for a while, and it started to show. Michael had no problem with this but what he did not know was that he would still get an unexpected look inside.

Beautiful Start

A lot of people talked at the funeral, and everybody had beautiful things to say about Jessica. Nobody was ready to say goodbye yet, but they knew they had no choice. This had come way too early. Nicolai was not present at the indoor ceremony. But things would soon change.

Taken Outside

This first part of the funeral went over normally, but things started getting strange when the proceedings were taken outside. Where Nicolai was calmly waiting for his late owner to arrive. Only when the casket left the building things started happening.

The Horse Saw the Casket

The casket did not have to travel a long distance to get to Jessica’s final resting place. The group could actually already see the horse when they walked out of the building, and thus the horse could see them as well. And it reacted almost immediately…

While it had been perfectly calm up until that point, the moment his eyes had sight on the casket that Jessica was in, he started becoming difficult. Jessica’s best friend could only distribute it as a bit restless and agitated. It did not want to be held by her anymore…

The closer Jessica’s casket got, the worse this behavior became. Michael was unsure of what to do now. He could not just stop the funeral for this and taking the horse away would go against his apparent final wish for Jessica. But Michael had to make a decision and quickly…

Eventually, he asked Jessica’s friend and some other guests to take the horse it further away from the burial sight in the hopes it would calm him down a bit.

And this seemed to help. But only for a little bit as when the final speech started, the horse could not be held back anymore…

It just started swinging its head wildly until Jessica’s friend could simply not hold it anymore. The animal broke free and started charging at the casket. Other guests could not get out of the way fast enough and made a path for the animal.

Only Michael had half a mind to stand in the way of the horse and protect his late wife. But his brother pulled him out of the way just in time. Now nobody was stopping the horse anymore as he started prancing next to the casket…

Stomping Down On It

To the horror of everybody there, the horse started stomping with his hoofs on the casket as hard as he could. The quests could only watch as the animal seemingly started trying to get through the wooden lid of Jessica’s casket. Michael was screaming, but nothing seemed to work…

After only a few stomps from the horse, they could already hear the cracking of the wood, which got louder and more widespread with every impact. It was only a matter of time, and soon enough, Michael saw one of the hoofs disappear into the broken casket…

Breaking Through

Michael had his eyes closed when it happened. This was probably the worst-case scenario. But at least the horse seemed to get a bit calmer now. It had stopped stomping at least, but it was still thrashing around. They needed to get the animal away from the grave, and luckily they managed to grab the leash again.

The Silence Was Interrupted

The whole gathering of people was deadly silent. Nobody knew what to say or how to react. What had they just been witness to? The silence was only broken by a soft whimpering that slowly turned into crying. But there was something odd with it…

Michael could imagine very well how somebody could be moved to tears by the events. He was even impressed that he was keeping it dry. But when he scanned the people to see where it came from, he noticed that everybody was doing the same. And nobody seemed to know where the crying was coming from…

None of the guests were tearing up from as far as he could see, but the sound of crying was still there. Soft but unmistakable. Where the hell was it then coming from? And then, Michael’s eyes landed on the broken casket. It’s couldn’t be…

He slowly took a couple of steps toward the casket, and the crying got indeed louder. There seemed to be no doubt anymore that it was actually coming from the wooden final resting place of Jessica. But how was that even possible?




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