‘As Long As He’s Happy!’ – Lionel Scaloni Does Not Care Where Messi Plays Amid Talks of £522M Saudi Arabian Deal


Argentina’s World Cup-winning coach Lionel Scaloni said he does not care where Lionel Messi plays his club football as long as he feels comfortable and happy.

Messi’s future at Paris Saint Germain has been the subject of much speculation over the last week after the Qatari-owned club suspended him for taking a trip to Saudi Arabia and missing a training session.

French media on Tuesday reported that a move to a Saudi club was a ‘done deal’, adding that the Argentina captain was in the process of finalising details before signing a contract.

However, Messi’s father Jorge denied any agreement had been reached with another club and said that no decisions would be made until the end of the current campaign.

‘Let him go to where he will feel comfortable with his team mates and the club’s fans,’ Scaloni told Qatar’s Al-Kass channel.

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