How to deal with unsubmissive wife — Mike Bamiloye


Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, a well-known filmmaker and pastor, has advised husbands on what to do if their wives refuse to submit.

On his Instagram page, Mike talked about this and said that a woman has disobeyed the Lord’s instruction to respect her husband and be obedient to him when she chooses to be haughty, conceited, and unsubmissive to him.

“When a woman chooses to be arrogant, proud, and unsubmissive to her husband, she has broken the commandment of the Lord, which demanded from her to respect her husband and be submissive to him, as the Head, just as the Church does to Christ.

No matter how spiritual she may appear to others, he said, a woman who lives in constant disobedience to God’s rules cannot possibly make it to paradise.

“When a woman chooses to punish a man by denying him access to her body, when the Bible says a wife should not do so in I Corinthians 7, she has broken the Commandment of the Lord and sinned against God.

“Now, when a woman lives like this, be on the Lord’s side. Such is definitely working for the devil, no matter how dedicated she may be to the service of the Lord. Even some Pastors’ wives are in this category’’

He exhorted men to cling to the Lord, saying he had witnessed women entirely change, submit to males to the point of being helpful in his ministry.

He continued by saying that he had witnessed such a woman, after many years of hardships in a tumultuous marriage, blossom into a royal diamond in the hands of her husband.

He cautioned the men to continue loving and praying for their spouses as well as continuing to fulfill their own spiritual obligations as godly men.

“What is my last word to the men who are in the cage of contentious women, keep holding on to the Lord. I have seen such women becoming completely transformed and highly submissive to the man and becoming helpful in his ministry. I have seen such woman becoming a royal gem in the hand of her husband, after a long time of struggles in a contentious marriage. God can do it. Let the woman become your prayer point. Keep loving her. Keep playing your own spiritual roles of a Godly man: love her, cherish and honour her, and keep praying for her. So that you don’t lose your soul. May the Lord heal such a marriage.”



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