Two treatment plants on River Pra face possible shut down


Two water treatment plants on River Pra in the Western and Central regions face possible shut down.

Experts, technicians and academicians at a workshop on water bodies restoration on Wednesday painted grim pictures of water bodies in the country.

Stakeholders in the conference room at the University of Cape Coast deliberated for hours on how to restore our dying polluted water bodies.

They came from the Water Resources Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, the Public Utility Regulatory Commission and security agencies and the media. One question was loud. Why would we choose gold over water?

It cannot be farfetched to conclude that water is the essential for life. Participants indicated that the actions of communities and stakeholders did not depict this, that water remain a necessity for our existence.

Indeed, our water bodies are being wantonly polluted in search of minerals that we can live without at the expense of something wisdom has equate to life itself — water.


The impunity with which such deadly deeds are committed is scary and our seeming helplessness gives great course for worrying.

The Regional Chief Manager of the Ghana Water Limited (GWL), Seth Atiapah, indicated that Chang fang machines, the weapons of destruction are often seen lined up some of our riverbanks with unbridled audacity.

The effect

Some communities especially in the Central and Western regions are beginning to feel the effect hard.


Content by: Shirley Asiedu-Addo

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