In addition to all these, sexuality is of great importance in marriage. Sexuality allows you to develop a relationship with your wife that goes beyond sharing the same house as a roommate. So if your wife likes another man, you may need to take a look at your sexual life in your marriage.If you suspect your wife may be attracted to another man, it’s natural to feel concerned and unsure of what to do. However, before you decide, learn how to know that your wife wants another man or is with another man.

Although men have been known to cheat, research has shown that women are more than capable of doing the same. Based on a New York Post report, many women seek other men because they complained about a “sexless or orgåsmlêêss marriage.”


  1. She is distant or withdrawn

One of the top signs your wife likes another man is withdrawal. If your wife suddenly becomes distant or withdrawn from you, it could be a sign that she is attracted to someone else.

She may be preoccupied with thoughts of this other man, pulling away from you or not having your time. That means she is no longer emotionally bonded with you.


  1. She seems unhappy in the marriage

Sadly, unhappiness stemming from a lack of sexual satisfaction or emotional support is one of the reasons a married woman likes another man. If your wife seems unhappy in the marriage, it could indicate that she is considering another man.

She may be comparing you to this other man and feeling unsatisfied with the relationship.


  1. She seems distracted or preoccupied

If your wife is with another man or dating another man, it will reveal her attention span and focus.

If your wife seems distracted or preoccupied, she may be thinking about the other man. Therefore, you can treat this as one of the possible signs your wife likes another man.

For instance, she may blush or smile randomly without clear reasons. That means she is lost in thought or daydreaming about him, which can cause her to be less focused on her everyday life.


  1. She starts making some unrealistic demands

You know your partner best, more than any other person. Once a person starts expecting their partner to do things you know they wouldn’t do on a normal day, it could indicate an interaction with the opposite sēx.

For example, your wife may start telling you to explore certain sêx positions and demand that you provide something for her, even when you aren’t capable.


5.. She is always on the phone

One of the signs you shouldn’t take for granted if you suspect your wife wants another man is when she spends more time on the phone.

Suppose you observe that your wife receives multiple calls and spends more time talking with this person. In that case, it could indicate a sign of infidelity. Other signs associated with this include:

Speaking in a muffled voice.

Hiding to receive calls.

Leaving your side when a call comes in.


  1. She seems more interested in sēx

Lack of sexual satisfaction is one of the reasons women cheat. Suppose your wife suddenly seems more interested in sêx, wants to do it more often, or tries different positions. In that case, it may be because she is interested in someone else.

She may be feeling more sexually charged and wanting to explore those feelings with someone new.


Alternatively, Psychologist Mert Şeker observes,

The opposite of this situation may actually be the case. Your wife may withdraw from you sexually. If your wife is cheating on you, she may show that she is sexually dissatisfied in her relationship with you through her behavior during sêx or by not wanting to have Sëx with you.

  1. She changes her account passwords

Social platforms are some of the secretive places for dating other people. It can keep your identity and secret safe if you know how.

If your wife suddenly changes the passwords to your social accounts, she may be trying to hide something. In most cases, it’s infidëlity. It’s even more concerning if you’ve known these passwords and your wife didn’t deem it fit to inform you of the change.


  1. She starts lying through her teeth

Do you want to know the signs a woman is flïrting with another man? It’s a lìe. A cheating woman will do everything possible to protect her relationship and her new partner.

One of the weapons to help her achieve this is lying. If she tells you she is visiting a particular place, but no one can corroborate or testify to seeing her, she could be seeing someone else.


  1. She is increasingly secretive

In learning signs your wife is texting another man, you must see whether she is increasingly secretive about every aspect of her life.

If your wife is becoming more secretive with her phone, social media accounts, or personal space, it could be a sign that she is trying to hide communication or interactions with another man.


  1. She seems to have lost interest in shared activities

If your wife shows a sudden lack of interest in activities or hobbies that you used to enjoy together, it may be a sign that she is seeking fulfillment and connection elsewhere.


  1. She constantly talks to or mentions another man

If your wife frequently talks about or mentions another man in conversations, even in a seemingly innocent context, it could be a sign that she has developed a strong interest in him.

  1. She is less physically affectionate


If your wife shows a noticeable decrease in physical affection towards you, such as less hugging, kissing, or holding hands, it may indicate that her interest and affection are directed towards someone else.


Physical intimacy is an important aspect of a marriage, and a decrease in it can indicate a shift in emotional connection. It is one of the possible signs your wife is not sexually attracted to you.


Remember that these signs are not definitive proof of infidelity or attraction to another man. It is important to approach the situation with open communication, trust, and understanding.

Ultimately, it is crucial to discuss any concerns or suspicions you may have with your spouse in a respectful and compassionate manner.



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