Woman who died and came back to life reveals our purpose on Earth


Humans have a fascination with death, and some are even obsessed with it. One man even faked his own funeral just to experience what it would be like while another woman was intimate with a ghost for 20 years before she realised what he looked like. However, very few people experience death and come back to the land of the living to tell their tale.

However, Sharon Kumara has actually had two near-death experiences. Hers is a tragic story, but she has learnt a lot from her time on the other side – including the reason for us being here on Earth. Here’s what happened to her, what she saw in heaven, and how she describes meeting God.

Sharon was abused at 9 years old

When Sharon was 9 years old, she and her sister lived with their grandparents as their mum and dad were going through a messy divorce. Sharon was ‘horribly abused by a distant family member’ who would come and visit the house sometimes.

This family member would beat her, making sure to keep to parts of her body she could hide, and would threaten to kill her if she told anyone. One day, when she was collecting rocks in the orchard behind the house, he came looking for her. This time, he hit her particularly hard below her ribs and she had an out of body experience:

I immediately shot out of my head, out of my body, and at that moment I felt this huge peace because I was out of my body… I didn’t feel the pain anymore.

She says she knew that she had died, and she felt herself ‘floating’ in a space that she now knows others have identified as ‘the void’. She felt like she was ‘a part’ of everything that has ever existed on Earth and felt a massive sense of comfort as time stopped.

Then, she was met by a ‘being’, and her feet were on a solid platform even though she couldn’t see anything. Sharon was not religious, although she had been raised Catholic, so she recognised this being as Jesus as he knelt in front of her. He called her ‘my child’ and told her that she had ‘suffered enough’:

Sharon replied, telling Jesus that she had not finished what she had to do on Earth – she describes an ‘awareness’ of needing to finish her ‘mission’. Strangely, when she came back to life this memory had vanished and only came back after her second near-death experience. She insisted that she wanted to go back, and he accepted… Then Sharon woke up in her body.

She explains that after that, the abuse stopped: her abuser stopped coming round so much and things ‘got in the way’ of her being left alone with them.

Sharon’s second near-death experience

As an adult, Sharon went tubing down a river in Texas with girlfriends for a fun day out. The group got a shuttle with a trailer to take them back to their cars and, as the bus was full, Sharon stood in the aisle – thinking it would be fine, as it was only a short journey of a few miles. However, the bus jerked along the road and Sharon lost her balance. Her body knocked into the back door which popped open and Sharon’s back bashed off of the trailer hitch before she slammed into the ground. She screamed in her head, ‘Stop! You’re killing me!’ and a split second later one of the wheels of the trailer ran over her head.

Once again, Sharon felt herself exit her body, through her head, and knew that she had died. She describes floating above her body, looking down as a big bus approached her limp form on the ground. She felt no pain, but remembers thinking to herself that it would be a real shame if this vehicle ran her over and killed her for good because it would ruin the lovely day her friends had just had together.

She says watching the scene was like ‘watching a movie’ – she felt a certain dissociation. According to a recent study of people who have suffered near-death experiences, Sharon’s description is not unusual.

Sharon met Jesus again

She says she thought about her boyfriend at the time and her sister, and decided they would be sad for a while but okay in the end. However, then she thought about her mum. Her step dad had passed away recently, and Sharon had been looking after her mum who lived nearby. As Sharon thought about her mum, she felt a presence behind her. She turned and discovered it was her stepdad, who told her that she couldn’t stay.

Sharon, who missed her step dad terribly, didn’t want to go back. She’d had enough of life, and was ready to leave it behind. But then a portal of white light opened up behind her step dad, with beings on either side: her maternal ancestors on one side and her paternal on the other. She recognised some of them, but their faces were deadpan; they were not welcoming her to the other side.

Suddenly, a huge bright light made its way up through the tunnel, and Sharon once again came face to face with Jesus. This time, her body flew to him, and she explains that:

Jesus explained to her that she had to go back; her mission on Earth was not yet complete. She explains that he ‘laughed’ at her reluctance and his laughter was like a ‘bomb’ to her. She describes how Jesus held her, and felt a ‘merging’ of their ‘energies’; she became a part of him whilst somehow retaining a sense of self.

Sharon – who had always believed there was a higher power but doubted religion on the whole – felt Jesus’s immense ‘compassion’ for her. Her concerns melted away and all she could focus on was being at one with ‘his love, his light’:

Jesus took Sharon on a journey

Jesus invited her on a journey, and Sharon took his hand: the pair started whizzing through the darkness, ‘moving through the cosmos’ as stars flew past them. They stopped above a ‘water planet’ and Sharon describes having an understanding that she, on another frequency, had lived on this planet as another being:

Sharon realised she could move her focus to be the planet itself, and felt an immense love for every being on the planet. Sharon and Jesus moved down into the water of the planet itself and started to swim, which she described as ‘cleansing’. She was reunited with her family from this different realm: she had parents, children and ‘a mate’.

From this point on, Sharon’s memory goes blank. The next thing she remembers is being back in her body in this world, on solid ground. Her friends were around her, helping her up, and she jumped up and dashed to the side of the road.

After the accident, Sharon had to undergo treatment for muscle, nerve and ligament damage. Some of her hair fell out from ‘road rash’, but she believes that her body was protected from serious injury. Sharon made a big effort to get her memories back from her experience, and now works ‘intensely’ with Jesus.

The most important thing that Jesus has taught Sharon is that ‘God is love, we are God’. And a human’s purpose on Earth is to come here to express that love.

For those who remain sceptical, remember that everyone has their own relationship with death. In any case, it is always a good idea to treat those around you as you would like to be treated.

Source: m.dailyadvent.com

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