University student in shock after finding out his roommate is a ghost despite living with him for months


An anonymous young man has taken to social media to narrate how he noticed his roommate he has been living with for a period of time is a ghost.

According to him, his late roommate, whom he identified as Kelvin was his childhood best friend and they all attended the same basic and secondary school including the university.

He said luck fell on their side after they had both applied for the same programme at the same university and got admitted.

The young man said initially when they started schooling, they both attended lectures and practically did everything together.

However, Kelvin suddenly changed and stopped attending lectures and other social gatherings with him but he did not noticed because he thought it was normal.

Fast forward, the guy said one day, he received a call from Kelvin’s sister and the news was broken to him that Kelvin had died months ago and his body was brought home by some unknown men.

He said he did not believe his ears because he slept on the same bed with Kelvin and saw him in their room even before attending lectures.

The young man said he rushed home to confirm the news and to his surprise, he noticed Kelvin was nowhere to be found including his belongings.

According to the young guy, fear gripped him instantly and triggered him to go home to spend some few days. That night, the guy said it rained heavily and the worst happened late in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep.



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