Maurice Ampaw reveals what killed his late wife Evelyn Ampaw


Legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw has opened up about the untimely death of his wife, Evelyn Ampaw, disclosing that she battled a severe illness in secret before her passing.

During an emotional interview on The Delay Show with Deloris Frimpong Manso, Ampaw revealed that his late wife was diagnosed with lung cancer and pneumonia, conditions she chose not to share with him until her death.

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The Late Evelyn Ampaw

The lawyer recounted how Evelyn’s behaviour changed noticeably in the months leading up to her passing.

She began to distance herself from the family, including their twin children, a departure from her usual nurturing involvement. Before her passing, she was very involved with our twin children, but as her health declined, she started to distance herself from them.

 Initially, she didn’t want me to take the twins out, but that changed over time. I couldn’t understand her behaviour until she passed away, Ampaw shared.

Maurice Ampaw suggested that Evelyn’s decision to keep her illness a secret likely exacerbated her condition. She had lung cancer and pneumonia, which ultimately claimed her life.

 We were married for about 22 years. She kept her illnesses hidden from me, so I was unaware of her condition. She received the diagnosis at the hospital but chose not to share it with me. Perhaps she felt uncomfortable.

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He described the final moments with his wife, noting her uncharacteristic silence and avoidance. When I visited her in the hospital, she avoided eye contact, remained silent, and eventually fell asleep.

Evelyn Ampaw passed away in February 2021, leaving behind a grieving family. Reflecting on the difficult period, Ampaw explained that he remarried a year after Evelyn’s death.

His new wife is a close friend whom he had known for many years, helping him find companionship and support following his profound loss.



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