The voters will punish her – Ben Ephson


Pollster Ben Ephson has predicted that the voters in Dome-Kwabenya will vote against the Member of Parliament Sarah Adwoa Safo due to her TikTok videos in which she was seen singing and dancing.

It is recalled that in two of her videos posted on September 29 and 30, 2021, respectively, she was seen and heard singing along to some gospel songs.

She deactivated her TikTok account barely 24 hours after being accused of shirking her responsibilities to her constituents.

Speaking on the Sunrise show on 3FM Monday, January 22 ahead of the NPP parliamentary primary, Mr Ben Ephson said when asked whether the lawmaker stands a chance of winning as an independent candidate if she loses the primaries and decides to go independent, “If Adwoa Safo goes independent, for the NPP supporters she will perform poorly. When you talk to some of the swing voters, they felt really pissed off by her TikTok dancing. The TikTok dancing was her last straw and most of them refer to it.

“They felt that the TikTok dancing was like rubbing it on their faces.

“To go independent, I don’t think that even the swing voters will vote for her, they will really want to punish her.”




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