IPAC: EC proposes election date change


Madam Jean Mensa, the Chairperson of Ghana’s Electoral Commission, has proposed a shift in the timing of both Presidential and Parliamentary elections, advocating for a change from December to November.

In addition to this proposal, she expressed the desire to designate election days as national holidays.

These proposals were discussed during the Monday, January 22, 2024, Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting, where the Electoral Commission presented these significant suggestions.

While arguing for an earlier election month, the Commission emphasized that designating election days as national holidays would encourage greater civic participation and contribute to fostering a stronger democratic culture.

However, during the meeting, the majority of political parties expressed skepticism about the feasibility of implementing such changes within the current year.

Concerns were raised about potential logistical hurdles, the need for legal amendments, and the necessity of a thorough public consultation process before enacting such a transformative shift.

Despite the reservations voiced by the political parties, the Electoral Commission assured them that further discussions and considerations would take place.

It is worth noting that the Commission had previously indicated its intention to eliminate the use of indelible ink in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections. However, District Assembly elections, recently held, proceeded without the use of indelible ink even before the amendment of Regulation 33, sub-regulation 2(c) of C.I. 127



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