Single dad starts dating his nanny after 6 months


A woman has gained all kinds of attention on social media after revealing how she met and fell in love with her husband.

Her unordinary love story has some people in awe, and others raising their eyebrows in skepticism regarding her intentions for getting married. 

The woman married the single dad whom she previously nannied for after six months of working.

TikTok user @krystlekature began nannying seven years ago for Ben Romano, a single father of three children. Krystle, a single mother herself to a young son, was in need of work. She looked after the man’s children while he went to work.

At first, all she was was the nanny. However, just six months later, she became much more than that. In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 1 million times, Krystle shares the unconventional story of how she eventually married Ben. 

@krystlekayture & thats the story of the brady bunch ✨ #husbandwife#coupletok#agegap#blendedfamily#stepmom#stepdad♬ PRETTY BOY FLOW – STURDYYOUNGIN

“Single dad looking for a nanny to watch his 3 kids so he could go to work,” she writes in the text overlay of the video, depicting her Ben dancing. The footage then cuts to Krystle. “Single mom looking for a job…” the text says. The next shot shows two out of the four children, now much older. “6 months later… blended family of 6.” “And that’s the story of the Brady bunch,” Krystle captioned the video. 

Some TikTok users responded kindly to Krystle and Ben’s love story. “This is so sweet!” one user commented. “Love is beautiful!” another user wrote. 

However, other users were skeptical and believed that Krystle had married him for his money, considering their twenty-year age gap, with Krystle being 30 and Ben being 50. “She said this house is nice, think I’ll stay,” one user shared. “Wealthy older man with a secretary/nanny, a tale as old as time,” another user pointed out. 

Others suggested that Ben only married Krystle for his own financial reasons, so he would not have to pay her to watch his children. “I just pay my nanny. We don’t have to become a blended family,” one user revealed. “Dude is saving lots of money now,” another added. 

In another comment, Krystle explains that she now runs Ben’s office as her job, clarifying that she could have been a stay-at-home mom but she wanted to work.

In a follow-up video, Krystle clapped back at those who doubted her and Ben’s love for each other, sharing that she is “living her best life.” The two posted a video together over the audio, “If you mad I got a rich b–tch,” shutting down anyone who believed they got married for financial reasons.

@krystlekayture I’m living my best life 🫶🏼 #agegap#husbandwife#coupletok#marriage♬ original sound – giselle

In another video, the couple reveals that their age gap was never a deal-breaker or a problem in their relationship.

@krystlekayture 20 year age gap never hurt anyone ✨ #husbandwife#husbandwifecomedy#marriage#agegap#coupletok♬ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Original Extended Version – Boys Town Gang

While Krystle now no longer nannies for the children since they are older, she does still work for her husband. “I run his office for one of his businesses,” she revealed in a comment to another user. “I could have been a stay-at-home mom but I enjoy working.” 

As long as the two are happy and in love, that is all that matters! 

Source: Your Tango


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