Remember The Church In Your Will,” Methodist Bishop Advises Members


Following his sermon at the Immanuel Methodist Society in the Airport East Circuit of the Northern Accra Diocese, where he urged Christians, particularly Methodists, to give part of their “Wills” to the church, Right Reverend Joseph M.Y. Edusa-Eyison gained attention on social media.

He asserts that since the church will be remembered long after “they die,” older members of the congregation who are nearing their end of life ought to think about leaving the church a percentage of their assets in their wills. This was said by the Daily Graphic.

His remarks have caused a stir on the internet because some people believe the man of God is advocating for the elderly members of his congregation to be put to death.

Many individuals have voiced their perspectives on the matter since Right Reverend Joseph M.Y. Edusa-Eyison became well-known on social media. While some think the man of God stated something wrong, others think it is better to will the church than material possessions.



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