CID uses scientific methods to find missing NDC Women’s Organizer


The Missing Persons Unit (MPU) at the CID headquarters has turned to scientific methods to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Paulina Lamisi, the Women’s Organizer for the NDC in Tema West.

Lamisi, a 42-year-old native of Sandema, Upper East Region, vanished from her home in Sowutuom, Accra, on June 12, 2024.The MPU, following critical leads, is optimistic that they will soon resolve this troubling case.

Lamisi, married to Apostle Elijah Arthur for four years, has an 18-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, while her husband has a son with another woman.

A recent miscarriage, which would have been their first child together, added strain to their marriage, according to a family source who wished to remain anonymous, per The Chronicle reports.

The source also noted that Lamisi left her matrimonial home with a bag and some belongings on the day she disappeared.

Their marriage faced threats early on, with Lamisi receiving anonymous messages demanding she resign from her position as Deputy Women’s Organizer or face arson.

Despite reporting these threats to the police, no arrests were made, and their house in Sakumono was eventually burned down, with the culprit still unidentified.

This history of threats raises questions about whether her disappearance is linked to these earlier incidents or marital issues.

Apostle Elijah Arthur has urged the public to provide any information that could help locate his wife. He mentioned that Lamisi frequently traveled to Lome and Lagos for business but received no information about her whereabouts from her contacts there.Efforts to trace her will extend to Lagos, Nigeria, to aid the police investigation.

Meanwhile, police sources indicate that Lamisi’s phone was active until June 14, and collaboration with telecom service providers is showing promising results.




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