1. Looking at time when you are having sex gives the other an impression that you are wasting their time!
  2. Acting annoyed when the other partner takes long to get an orgasm. Instead help them to reach there if you already have.
  3. Having an orgasm first, then not bothering if your partner should have an orgasm or not. That is pure selfishness do something to make them reach there too!
  4. Sneezing or coughing on partners face. If you must, look aside no need to splash someone with your saliva!
  5. Making reference to a technique an ex used to do great to you, that is unhealthy comparison and will ruin that moment. IF you feel someone is not giving you well as you wish, address them not making references.
  6. Faking that you are enjoying sex, making all dramatic movements, dramatic moans etc. until someone can just tell you are faking.
  7. Being too silent until someone feels like he is a mortician. At least make some sound when it feels good.
  8. Being a passive participant and expecting your partner to do everything to you. Makes someone feel like a doctor operating a half dead patient!
  9. Making disapproval faces when not satisfied. You better say it since your partner is not a psychic.
  10. Not telling your partner you wish to try something new, then going on to try something so strange in bed. Nothing irritates someone than feeling like an experiment. Seek approval beforehand.
  11. Calling out the wrong name when the pleasure is at the peak. That is a total deal breaker.
  12. Not kissing. Kissing is so intimate to be ignored.
  13. Pushing someone’s head towards your sexual organs in order to request for oral sex. Oral sex is a sensitive matter and if someone is not feeling like it, do not force them.
  14. Rushing through foreplay, this is totally wrong. Heat up the moment to enjoy more.
  15. Farting during sex and appearing like all is normal and usual. It is not!
  16. Feeling offended when your partner communicates during sex. Communication will help both of you perfect it, so take it positively whatever feedback you get during sex



Content by: Dupson Ebony

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