NDC in big tussle with the Electoral Commission (EC)


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed its strong opposition to the Electoral Commission’s (EC) decision to discontinue the use of indelible ink in the upcoming 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Ghana.

The party argues that the integrity of the voter register remains questionable, and the removal of indelible ink would open doors for fraudulent activities that could compromise the integrity of Ghana’s elections.

During a news conference in Accra, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, the National Chairman of the NDC, emphasized that the indelible ink is an important component of Ghana’s electoral process as it visibly, transparently, and physically verifies voters in addition to the biometric verification system.

He questioned why the Electoral Commission would choose to remove such a tried and tested verification system that adds credibility to the electoral process.

Nketiah explained the significance of indelible ink in preventing multiple voting, especially in cases of apathy.

Asiedu Nketia – Chairman of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC)


He stated that in the event of a malfunction of the biometric verification devices (BVDs), the stain of indelible ink on a voter’s finger is the surest and quickest way to identify potential criminals attempting to vote more than once. Removing the ink would make it easier for individuals to exploit the electoral process and allow pliant Electoral Commission officials to disregard the register and let voters cast their ballots regardless of their eligibility.

The NDC reminded the Electoral Commission of previous instances where electoral officers were caught interfering in the voting process during District Level Elections. With the manual verification system still in place and the integrity of the voter register being questioned, the NDC believes that the application of indelible ink is vital to maintain the credibility of Ghana’s elections.

The NDC’s opposition to the removal of indelible ink raises concerns about the transparency and fairness of the electoral process in Ghana. As the 2024 elections approach, the fate of indelible ink and its impact on voter verification and prevention of fraudulent activities remains a contentious issue between the NDC and the Electoral Commission.




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