It is now an offence/misconduct to have sex with your teachers and fellow students – GES to SHS students


A new 24-page code of conduct released by the Ghana Education Service (GES) for students in Senior High schools has said it will be an offence for students to engage in sexual relations while in school.

The new document explained that it shall constitute misconduct or an offence for students to have sexual relations with students or staff of the GES while in school.

The document said it shall be misconduct for any student to engage in sexual relations. Interaction between students in obscure places at odd times constitutes an offence.

According to the new code of conduct, no student shall, directly or indirectly, do anything that may constitute sexual harassment of another student or staff member.

“A student shall not condone sexual offences in the school. The GES guideline for the prevention of pregnancy among school girls and facilitation of Re-Entry into school after childbirth shall be applied to girls who become pregnant. A victim of rape shall be counselled and guided accordingly.

On the issue of rape, the document said “Any student found guilty of rape constitutes gross misconduct. It shall be a misconduct for any student to be involved in sexual relations with any member of staff.

Any such misconduct shall not be waived with the reason that the sexual misconduct took place outside the school compound or with an
alleged parental/guardian consent.

Any act of another student which has the
potential of creating sexual implications for another student shall constitute a misconduct.

For the avoidance of doubt, any act which
sexually violates the body of the other person or forcibly makes a sexual bodily contact shall constitute a misconduct.

Any student who keeps another student from going home for any part of vacation or for any period that the student has sought to go home shall constitute a misconduct,” it added.


By: Rashid Obodai Provencal



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