Dr. Amuzu cautions individuals to be careful with their food choices and exercise regularly


A ground-breaking health and medical outreach programme was launched in Kumasi on Saturday, January 20, 2024, by the Amuzu Foundation and the Amuzu Herbal Clinic.

Doctor Joseph Amuzu conducted a free health check that helped more than 450 persons from Kumasi and the surrounding areas.

Participants in the health screenings underwent examinations for hypertension, detoxification, general body massages, and doctor consultations.

Dr. Joseph Amuzu, CEO of the Amuzu Herbal Clinic and the Amuzu Foundation, emphasised the importance of the activity, saying that many residents, particularly the elderly, have trouble getting to regular doctor’s appointments.

Dr. Amuzu warned that individuals should be careful with their food choices and exercise regularly in an interview with Sean City Media, citing the widespread prevalence of preventable ailments as the main cause.

Since herbal remedies do not have any negative side effects, he strongly recommended them to the public.

The people expressed their gratitude for the activity and requested that it be repeated every three months.

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Source: Sean City Media

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