8 Questions to ask yourself before a breakup


It is however important to understand why you are breaking up with your partner.

Below are 8 questions you should ask yourself before leaving a relationship.

How is that person helping you fulfill your purpose in life

If the person is toxic it is okay to break up if not, please ask yourself how that person is going to help reach your goals.

If they are only derailing you, it’s important to ditch them.

What are his strengths and his weaknesses

Most times we often focus on our partner’s shortcomings rather than on their strength. Before a breakup, it is important to understand your partner’s strengths and weaknesses and which one outweighs the other.

Your expectations of the relationship

Have the expectations you had in the relationship been met? If not, is there a way you can extend the grace period?

Do you understand your partner’s point of view?

Some people deal with issues based on how they were brought up, and the trauma they faced among other factors.

Before quitting one thing you should ask yourself is whether how your partner behaves is something you can compromise on.

Your contribution toward the relationship-ending

Truth be told most people contribute towards a relationship failing in one way or another. Before quitting, ask yourself what your role has been and if a change of behaviour can save the relationship.

Have you tried finding a solution?

On some days people are quick to break up without trying to find a solution to their problems. Before leaving a relationship, the question you should ask yourself is if you have tried saving the union.

Some unions can be salvaged by couples seeking therapy, family intervention or counseling.

The foundation of your relationship

It is important to understand whether your relationship was based on love or lust. If the union was based on lust it becomes hard for people to tolerate each other when things get tough.

Will the breakup affect your life positively or negatively?

People break up for different reasons among them violence,. Some people break up amicably.

The big question is whether the breakup will have any effect on you as a person or as a business person.



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