5 questions you should ask before marriage


Marriage is a beautiful thing when you have the right partner. It is a journey you must be very clear about before going headfirst into it. Whether you’re ready to walk down the aisle or not, I’m determined to prepare you for this lifetime journey. There are life-changing questions that shouldn’t be overlooked. Yes, you heard that right. Asking them before marriage helps ensure you have no doubts or worries.

  1. What do you intend to achieve with your life?

This question is very crucial. You don’t want to end up with someone who will have problems with the path you’ve chosen to follow, especially your career. In reciprocal, ask what your partner also wants to do with his or her life. You have to discuss it regularly to ensure that there is thorough understanding and you won’t take each other for granted. What kind of style will you employ in your career that won’t affect your marriage? It is imperative that your partner be supportive in whatever you do; it would make you more comfortable and happy. That’s your number one fan.

  1. What is your health status or do you have any health challenges?

Another question you must ask before going into marriage with your partner, you must make sure you know each other’s health status. Genotype, blood group and hepatitis must be discussed. Other health issues like hypertension, and asthma must also not be left out including hereditary ailments in the family if there are any. Getting to know each other’s health issues would enable you to know if you want to go ahead with the relationship or not. And if you choose to go ahead, it prepares you for no surprise in the future.

  1. What do you like about our relationship?

Discuss what you like about the relationship with your partner. Narrate things you observe that need to be improved on and of course, the ones that gladdens your heart. It could be zeal for success or morals. Knowing and understanding the joy that comes with your relationship would solidify it.

  1. What are your fears?

This is one of the most important questions to ask before marriage. It is appropriate to know the fears of each other in detail. It is important because our background shapes who we are, either in a positive or negative way. Let your partner understand the experience(s) you’ve had that you wouldn’t want any of such to repeat itself in your life. Let out all your worries, and fears —  do not hide from your partner. He or she would know which angle to address whenever family issues or similar incidents spring up. It could be you were not catered enough for growing up; it could be physical or emotional abuse.

  1. What’s your wedding plan?

How do you intend to solemnise your relationship? What do you envision for the wedding? You need to discuss each other’s tastes thoroughly in order to reach a compromise so it won’t be like the wedding is one-sided. Yes, make sure it’s not like one party’s survival depends on it but a joint decision.



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