4 ways to make a woman orgasm without vaginal penetration


Ever considered setting penetration aside for a bit to focus on other ways to ‘get jiggy in the sheets? Society tends to portray sex as just an experience between a man and woman, almost always involving vaginal or penetrative sex, but there are tons of ways to have an orgasm without vaginal sex.

While vaginal intercourse can be a great go-to for some people, for others, it’s not completely essential when it comes to having an orgasm. Since some sex (penetration) positions may not always stimulate the clitoris, a good option is to use other means that require some amount of technique and finesse. Let’s take a look at some of these options below:

Oral sex Receiving oral sex can be more intensely pleasurable than genital intercourse because the person giving it has more control, can vary the sensation, and also focuses on specific spots more readily.

Tongues are incredibly dynamic tools when it comes to pleasure. The tongues; pointy or flat tongue both very different sensations on a vulva which all unleashes some great sense of satisfaction. Oral sex has so many different sides and can just keep getting better the longer you and your partner experiment.

Fingering To some people, fingering is just the pre-show to the main event. Well, it’s not always the case, as having your partner explore your vulva and vagina with their fingers can be intense, erotic and can create a whole pleasurable moment.

A couple can spice up their ‘fingering game’ by trying out some light BDSM-style play. For example, have your partner blindfold you or lightly tie your hands behind your back, so they can focus exclusively on working their hands down there. Once she is sufficiently aroused, you can take two fingers and gently push them into her vagina.

You can use the tips of your fingers to stimulate her G-spot (on the front wall of her vagina, the area facing her abdomen) or her A-spot (towards her spine). Note that a woman’s vagina area should be well lubricated, if not, consider using a lubricant for this purpose.

Role Play Role play is a great way to experiment with different fantasies in the bedroom because it allows you to tap into the incredible erotic power of your brain. It can start small, and you don’t need any special costumes.

When it comes to hot, steamy sex, your brain is your biggest pleasure organ, and the more creative ways you use it, the more creative ways you can come up with an amazing path to orgasm without penetration required. Add some toys Using a vibrator directly against your clitoris makes for an even more powerful orgasm, and while toys may seem like a solo activity, using them with a partner can be surprisingly erotic. You can have your partner take control, choosing the pressure, speed, and placement of the toy.



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