You’re charging your Android phone WRONG – Google reveals three big battery mistakes that are killing gadgets


GOOGLE has revealed the three mistakes Android users are making when charging that could be killing their gadgets.

Many of us dread the moment our device suddenly issues a power warning meaning its needs an urgent charge.

Buys lifestyles can mean people forget to charge their devices or simply don’t leave them on charge for long enough.

Now tech giant Google has revealed that many Android customers are making three crucial mistakes which could be killing their devices.

Choose settings that use less battery

Most Android devices allow users to adjust the setting to reduce battery usage.

Reducing screen brightness and the volume of sounds will allow the device to use a lot less battery power, making the phone more efficient.

It’s a simple trade off that often reaps rewards in terms of battery life.

Take care of your battery

Google said that customers should use the power adaptor that came with the phone they bought. This is the only adaptor that the customer should use to charge the device, Google said.


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