Wife of late John Kumah exposes Nigel Gaisie


The wife of the late Deputy Minister of Finance has exposed Prophet Nigel Gaisie regarding the supposed prophecy he gave in 2023 about the death of the late John Kumah.

According to her, Nigel knew the late deputy minister was sick because he was close to the family. She said he, however, turned around to exploit that to make a false prediction that a deputy minister would die in 2024. GhanaWeb, on Saturday, March 9, 2024, reported how Gaisie shared that he, after receiving the vision about an impending danger to John Kumah’s life around April 2023, and being concerned for the minister’s safety, sent his junior pastor to their residence multiple times, but each attempt to make contact was unsuccessful. He explained that he also tried personally to call the late deputy minister, but he had blocked him

. However, the widow, Apostle Lilian Kumah, in a news report by asaaseradio.com, noted that her family cut ties with Nigel Gaisie after they heard that he had used the facts that they supplied to him voluntarily to prophesy doom during his watchnight service on December 31. “We know him very well and have been aware since November 2023 that the late John Kumah was seriously sick.

My husband had a lot of respect for men of God in this country, and that included Nigel Gaisie when my husband and I thought he was a genuine man of God. “Nigel Gaisie knew very well that my husband was terminally ill as far back as August 2023, but regardless of that, he stood on his altar on December 31, 2023, to lie through his supposed prophecy that a Ghanaian deputy minister will die in the year 2024.

What does he want to achieve through these fake prophecies?” she asked. Apostle Lillian, in describing the kind of relationship that existed between them and Nigel Gaisie, noted that they used to break bread together, and he [Nigel Gaisie] used to visit her church, Disciples of Christ Ministries. “Nigel Gaisie was like a brother. He knows my late husband, lawyer John Kumah, personally, one-on-one. We have sat in this house and eaten together several times. That is how far we go. When he came from abroad to start a church in Ghana, he came to my church, Disciples of Christ Ministries, and I did a programme with him dubbed ‘Let the Prophet Speak,’” she added.



Source: ghanaweb

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