Why you should never keep any card or cash under your smartphone’s back cover?


If you have a habit of keeping any card or cash in the rear panel of your device, then you need to stop doing or your device may heat up faster, and it may risk to blast as well, causing several threat to the users.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, which serve various purposes like calling, texting, binge-watching, making online payments, shopping and so on. Nowadays, many people also use their smartphones like a wallet- placing notes and cards (debit or credit) under the back cover of the handset. However, this habit could be unhealthy for your expensive device.

Common Practice: Keeping cash or Cards under the back cover 

It’s a common habit of people to use their smartphone’s rear panel as a place to keep cards (credit, debit or metro card). Usually, it is common to see people keeping 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 or even 2000 rupees notes under the back cover of the handset. Although the idea is to save some money for emergencies, it certainly harms a smartphone significantly.

Smartphone’s sudden heating issue

We all know, that when we use a smartphone then it certainly generates heat, especially during intensive activities like binge-watching (OTTs), gaming or continuously watching videos or playing music.

During the process, the processor of the device tends to use the strength and heat the smartphone, which trunks hotter. During the process, if you have a back cover on your device, then the device will trap the heat on the device.

Placing any note or paper could block the back panel of your handset and may add an extra layer to it, which may result in overheating of the device. And in extreme cases, the device may explode due to heating as well.

Network interference

many smartphones have their antennas positioned at the top and keeping the cash or cards under the rear panel may interfere with the antenna’s ability to receive the signals properly on the device. This may lead to network issues as the card may have sensors and chips which may impact the device.

Furthermore, charging the handset with notes or cards intact under the cover could raise the overheating concern, which may affect the performance and longevity of the device.

Potential physical harm on the device

Besides the physical damage to the handset, this practice of keeping the card or cash may further pose a physical risk to the device.

It may harm the user with burns or other injuries, in case when the device gets heated up to a dangerous level.

How to save your device from heating? How to change your habits?

While keeping the notes or cards on the rear panel, under your smartphone’s back cover, may cause significant damage to your device and even pose safety risks.

To avoid these concerns, it is advisable to stop this practice immediately. Rather, use a separate wallet or cardholder for your cash and cards to ensure your smartphone remains safe and functional. Also, at times, when you feel that your device is heating up at a much higher pace, then you could simply remove the back cover of your device, switch off the internet, and at times switch off your device and wait for a while to cool down.

Remember, with several measures, you may expand the life of your smart device.


Source: indiatvnews.com

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