Why Married Men Still Flirt With Other Women


  1. He Craves Attention And Wants To Be Wanted

A married man may be feeding a desire to be wanted and thinks he can get the attention he wants from you. He may want to confirm that he is attractive to someone other than his wife or want to boost his self-confidence because he doesn’t feel wanted by his wife. Additionally, he may have been rejected in the past and seeks excessive affirmation of his attractiveness.

  1. Lack of s3x at home.

Men are s3xual creatures, and when they flirt, the is a possibility that they are looking for a casual, extramarital encounter. If a man frequently flirts with coworkers, consider the intent.

If there is an obvious s3xual undertone, then there may be unmet needs within the marriage. The physical act of s3x and the intimacy it engenders is a vital part of a relationship.

If there is a lack of s3x at home, a man may pursue that intimacy elsewhere. And the office, or work situation, is a familiar environment.

  1. His Marriage Lacks Intimacy

If a married man’s marriage lacks physical or emotional intimacy, he may flirt to seek that connection from other women . There could be many reasons he feels a decline in intimacy in his marriage, but flirting with someone else isn’t likely to provide the solution he wants.

  1. He feels unappreciated.

This is one of the obvious reasons. A man wants his actions and efforts as a father, protector, provider, and husband to be noticed.

If there is an issue within the marriage and he feels unappreciated, he may compensate by flirting. He may even flirt in front of his spouse to engender a jealous or possessive response – validating that he is still needed and wanted within the marriage environment.

  1. It makes them feel like a man.

Masculinity is an integral part of the male identity that goes beyond g3nitalia and clothing choices. It includes basic concepts associated with men, such as the need to perform, protect those he cares about, and defend the weak at all costs.

For men, flirting with coworkers or in social situations can be a simple and relatively harmless way to reinforce their masculinity.

  1. He Likes The Thrill Of The Chase

The thrill of the chase is one thing that many men enjoy. They like the pursuit of the unattainable. They may have no intention to follow through with more than flirting. When a couple has been together for a long time, there is little sense of pursuit left, and he may simply want to know he can interest another woman.

  1. It’s his personality.

Some men who are just outgoing learn and believe that flirting can be positive and flirt with everyone. This type of personality is usually harmless or not taken seriously.

And most married men with a flirtatious nature just want to make someone smile or have fun.


Source: timelesslifeinfo

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