Why I wouldn’t endorse a political party even for $1 million – Kofi Kinaata


Ghanaian artist Kofi Kinaata, he would turn down a $1 million offer to support a political party.

He says that artists who choose to support a political party face a lot of hostility in Ghanaian politics.

According to graphic.com.gh, Kofi Kinaata recently said on Nhyira FM that he would not write campaign songs for political events, but he would be willing to perform at them if invited.

When asked if he would accept a $1 million offer, Kofi Kinaata replied that he would be wary of the potential damage to his reputation that such an endorsement may do.

He pointed out that musicians who attend political demonstrations are stigmatized, whereas technicians and DJs are viewed as professionals.

“It is actually not bad, but now Ghanaians do not understand. They need to understand that the stage that is being used for rallies was constructed by carpenters, electricians, and even DJs who play at the rallies perform their duties not because they are necessarily party members but because they are doing their work.

“But it is always a different case if a musician decides to entertain his fans; they start stigmatizing us,” he said.

Kinaata suggested that without the stigma, artistes might be encouraged to engage with political parties.

“Perhaps, if the stigmatization stops, we can make songs for political parties. Also, political tensions are high so it’s better to stay neutral. God should select a winner and after the elections, we will all come together to support the person,” he said.


Content by: Akosua Boatemaa

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