WhatsApp Video Calls To Get AR Effects That Will Change The Way You Talk To People: How It Works


WhatsApp video calls recently got three new features that are closer to being a Zoom or Google Meet rival. But the messaging app has aspirations far higher than its existing standards and by that we mean offering a rich experience for calls. The new Android beta version hints at major upgrades for the feature, which includes augmented reality.

Call filters and effects make the experience engaging and interactive rather than seeing a boring screen with the face on the other end. AR has the scope to liven up the calling experience further and WeBetaInfo has dug out new scoop that suggest these features might soon be coming to the messaging app.

WhatsApp is also testing the option to change the background during calls that other platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet provide for their calls. The tipster has been able to spot the testing interface which has filters, background and effects at the bottom of the calling interface.

“Users will be able to personalise their calls by enabling dynamic facial filters, such as a touch-up tool for smoothing skin appearance, and a low-light mode to improve visibility in dim environments,” the post shares the details about the upcoming tool.

As for the background changing option, WhatsApp plans to extend the support, understandably, to the desktop version at a later date, which makes a lot of sense, as most of these important calls at work are originating through the bigger screens for people.


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