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Reports say a Ugandan man identified as Herbert Baitwababo breathed a sigh of relief after a court ordered for his return to a WhatsApp group. This was after the WhatsApp admin ejected him from the group for asking questions in relation to how finances of the group were being handled.

The court had ordered for his return to the WhatsApp group after he ran into trouble with the group admin because he questioned how the funds raised in the group were being used.

The court said his ejection from the WhatsApp group was against his freedom of association.

The Ugandan court therefore ordered the WhatsApp admin to re-add him.

Herbert had sued the WhatsApp admin for ejecting him from the online forum.

The agitated Ugandan Herbert Baitwababo moved to court to sue the admins of the ‘Buyanja My Roots’ WhatsApp group for removing him from the group after he raised questions on the audit.

A report published by livenowafrica stated that the case was heard in Kampala.

The report said the acting Senior Grade One Magistrate at Makindye Magistrate’s Court, Mr Igga Adiru, issued an order to reinstate Herbert.

The court ruling directed the group administrator, Allan Asinguza, to add back Mr Herbert Baitwababo as a member of the WhatsApp group.

The order also included a permanent injunction, prohibiting the respondent and his agents from infringing on the applicant’s right of association.

Mr Baitwababo’s application highlighted that the WhatsApp group was initially created by Mr Asinguza for people from Buyanja Sub-county, with the purpose of social contributions towards charity works, condolences, and support for calamity victims.

The group members decided to form an association, requiring a subscription fee of Shs30,000, which Mr Baitwababo duly paid to become a registered member.

All communication and matters related to the association were conducted through the WhatsApp group.

However, on May 16, 2023, Mr Baitwababo sent a letter to Mr Asinguza, requesting documentation regarding the group’s management, an audit report, and accountability for the collected funds since its formation in 2017.

In response to the letter, Mr Asinguza ejected Mr Baitwababo from the WhatsApp group on May 17, disregarding his right to association and causing unjust enrichment. Seeking protection and justice, Mr Baitwababo asked the court to order Mr Asinguza to reinstate him in the group permanently and to prevent further ejections.

The court ruling aims to rectify the unjust actions taken against Mr Baitwababo, ensuring his right to association is respected and safeguarded.

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