1. Men don’t read minds. If you want him to know you and what’s on your mind, tell him


  1. A man loves it when his woman brags about him


  1. A man hates it when things he shares with his woman are told to her girlfriends as juicy gossip


  1. The number one thing a man finds sexy is her heart, the man serious about love might look at a woman with a gorgeous body but he only chases after and keeps the one with a good heart


  1. Men don’t think about sex all the time. It means alot to him to have a woman he can talk to deep and intelligent stuff. His need for sexual stimulation is high and scattered, but his need for mental stimulation is constant


  1. The easiest way to keep him from spending too much time with his friends at the expense of you, is to make sure being with you is more fun, more intelligently stimulating, more stress-free than being with his friends


  1. Every good man loves his woman more than his friends, but if he spends more time with his friends it’s to escape the stress he gets when with her


  1. The more you nag, the more he will avoid you


  1. Men want to express their feelings, but will only do so when they feel safe. How much he lets you be there for him depends on how much he thinks you can handle his issues


  1. Don’t fight his favourite past time, embrace it. If he loves football, watch matches with him or buy him a jersey. If he loves to swim, swim with him or just check him out as you chill by the pool. If he loves to dance, dance with him even if you are not a pro. The more you do things with him, the more he will value your company, the more he will in return learn to like or accommodate what you like


  1. No matter what happens in your marriage, make sure your sex-life doesn’t suffer. Don’t ever use sex as a weapon to attack him or punish him


  1. If he truly loves you, he will still find you sexy whether you gain or lose weight. The thing is always know how to dress and look sexy no matter your size; men can pick up a woman’s confidence


  1. When you give birth, don’t focus too much on being a great mother that you forget to remain a great wife


  1. Men also love to be listened to. Be his confidant. Find out how he is, how his day has been. He has feelings too. Let it not always be about you


  1. Don’t jump into conclusions quickly when you hear rumors about him or think he is cheating or fooling around. Confront him gently with love, it will make him respect you more. He should never feel you are quick to leave his team, be rational
  2. Know that good men are constantly being bashed by society because of what the bad ones have done and are doing. Look at him as an individual, celebrate him


  1. The more you appreciate his efforts, the more he will do for you


  1. Don’t let your hurry to get married put him off. Don’t rush love


  1. A man and a woman may not grow ready at the same pace. Don’t force a marriage proposal out of him, if he loves you and is serious, be sure he is planning the proposal. The more comfortable you make him, the easier you make it for him; the more you rush him, the more he starts to feel used


  1. A man will always be publicly proud of the woman he admires, be admirable


  1. The number one cause for a man to feel less important and threatened in a woman’s life is when he has little money or he can’t adequately provide. This is one of most crucial moments when he needs his woman to affirm him that she still loves him and the two will find a way


  1. It’s not that men are intimidated by women with power and success it’s just that they detest the pride of some of these women with power and success. You wouldn’t want to be with a proud man so full of himself just because he has lots of money and success; neither do the men want to be with such a woman


  1. Never praise another man yet belittle your man. A man will not hesitate to walk away from a woman who sees him as nothing


  1. When an issue has been resolved between you and your man, move past it. It is retrogressive to dig up resolved fights to prove how right you are and how wrong he is


  1. Patience with a man will take you far. Many women miss out on the growth with a man because they want perfect right now
  2. Submitting to a man doesn’t mean you are his slave, it just means giving him the authority to build with you, to nourish you, to look out for you and be concerned about your well being


Content by: Akello Oliech and Dayan Masinde

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