WAEC Summons All 2023 WASSCE Candidates Of T.I. Ahmadiyya SHS For Cross Examination


All 2023 WASSCE candidates from T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School (T. I. AMASS) have been summoned to the WAEC office for investigations related to alleged exam malpractices.

4,280 candidates nationwide but taken the drastic measure of withholding the entire results of 1,005 candidates due to suspected offenses.

Sources reveal that candidates from T.I. AMASS are among those under scrutiny, with WAEC reportedly finding the school guilty of malpractices.

The results of the affected candidates are at risk of cancellation pending further investigations.

Meanwhile, Kofi Asare, the Executive Director of Africa Education Watch, has voiced concerns over the delayed release of WASSCE results for candidates from 235 schools, constituting about 20% of Ghana’s Senior High Schools.

Mr. Asare called on WAEC to expedite the investigation process to ensure fairness, particularly for innocent candidates facing potential challenges in tertiary admissions.

Referring to Eduwatch’s 2021 WASSCE monitoring report, Asare recommended increased investments in consultants to speed up investigations into exam result issues before announcing WASSCE results.

He emphasized the need for a balanced approach to applying the law, delivering justice, and ensuring timely and fair outcomes.

The call for a balance between legal procedures and timely justice is crucial, as stakeholders await resolution. Parents, especially those with wards in affected schools, are intensifying pressure on school authorities, with some in private schools even threatening legal action against the institutions.


Content by: Obed Ansah

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