VIDEO – My friends poisoned me, tarnished my image – Dr. Grace Boadu’s ordeal she recounted sometime ago


An old video in which Dr. Grace Boadu was recounting her ordeal about how her friends poisoned her has popped up on social media after her sudden demise.

In narrating the ordeal, Dr. Grace Boadu said that there was a time when her friends poisoned her which made her bleed profusely and she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

She indicated that she had to go through agonizing pain as a result of the bleeding, adding that she wore a sanitary pad for almost three months to overcome the situation.

Dr. Grace Boadu also disclosed that she relied on blood donations from her relatives to survive as she was growing lean.

“My friends poisoned me and I was bleeding seriously. I wore a pad for two to three months and you could imagine the pain I had to endure. They had to take blood from my relatives to feed me because I was growing lean. At the hospital, the nurses were reluctant to take care of me and I was surprised because I hadn’t wronged them in any way,” she said.

The late Dr. Grace Boadu further noted that her friends who were responsible for the poisoning went ahead to mar her image to other people because they thought she would not make it.

She added that after her recovery, somebody around her made another attempt to poison her again but she escaped it by the grace of God.

“Could you believe that they were saying all sorts of things to tarnish my image because they thought I would die? It would shock you that even when I was almost recovering from the bleeding, somebody used a syringe to poison my water but thank God I didn’t drink it because I had an extra one already.”

The heartbreaking incident of Dr. Grace Boadu’s death occurred on Monday, January 29, 2024, at Dr. Boadu’s residence in Tantra Hills, Accra.

According to the press release by the management of the clinic, Dr. Boadu returned from a two-week health course in South Africa on Sunday, January 28. Sadly, fate took a cruel turn the next day and she met her untimely demise.

Reports are rife that Dr. Grace Boadu died in the bathroom which has raised eyebrows of the public about what could be the possible cause of her death.

An autopsy is yet to be conducted to officially identify the cause of Dr. Grace Boadu’s sudden death.

Many showbiz personalities have mourned the deceased considering the bond that existed between them as she was referred to as ‘celebrity doctor’.


Source: ghanaweb

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