{VIDEO} Former police officer reveals deep secret in Lodge, Freemason and Blood Money


A former police officer, once affiliated with a Lodge society, has shared startling occurrences that take place within the organization.

In a viral video circulating on social media, he asserted that men are rarely chosen as sacrificial offerings for monetary gains because they are not as lucrative.

According to him, women tend to generate more money when used in such rituals.

Highlighting the hierarchical structure within the Lodge cult, the former member emphasized the superior status of women, attributing their perceived power within the association.

The informant further disclosed an intriguing anecdote about a female colleague who staunchly refuses to resign from the group, citing an aversion to returning to a life of poverty.

Delving into the mysterious world of ritualistic money, commonly known as Sakawa, the ex-Lodge member outlined the extensive restrictions involved.

These include limitations on spending, restrictions on aiding family members, and potential demands for personal sacrifices in exchange for financial benefits.

The narrative took a chilling turn as the former member recounted the existence of a mirror in his room, revealing a disturbing practice.

Allegedly, individuals seeking to make sacrifices would mention the intended victim’s name, causing their image to materialize in the mirror.

The sacrificial act would then be symbolically carried out by striking the mirror with a knife.



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