Unmasking the face behind the new force: Video drops with hints of identity


New political movement, The New Force, have released hints about the group which is currently leading discussions due to the anonymity of the faces behind it.

For the first time following their appearance through social media and outdoor promotions of a masked face splashed on billboards, a real face identifying as the spokesperson of the New Force has emerged in a social media video. “My name is Shellie Abbiusi, the campaign spokesperson of the New Force, the campaign of the New Force has generated the most conversations in recent times.

The agenda is simple, it is that of the people of Ghana to look into our current state and how to attain our aspirations of the people…” the spokesperson states in the teaser currently going viral on social media.

Spokesperson of the New Force, Shallie Abbiusi

The scene cuts to various public protests against the current government with some voices complaining about prevailing economic, infrastructure and development conditions. “Is the government or the people in charge? Is the leadership responsive at all? Isn’t it time for a change? We truly value your readiness and rapt attention.

Thank you for your patience, we will soon share our agenda and plans with you. This has been a message from the New Force,” the spokesperson concludes with the tagline “embrace the New Force” wrapping up her brief.

The anonymity of the faces behind the New Force has led to several conversations and speculations about who could be pushing the new political movement promising to challenge the current duopoly between the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress. For several political watchers, it is high time a third force emerged to break up the duopoly of Ghana’s Fourth Republic.


Source: ghanaweb

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