Top Police Capo at Office of The President cited in $24,000 Car Fraud


Incontrovertible evidence among other pieces of classified info have exposed Police Officer Daniel Agyei Asare, stationed at the Office of the President, over fraudulent activities using the name of the highest seat of government, the Jubilee House.

A current case in reference is an alleged auction car fraud involving two Honda CRV cars.

The officer’s underhand dealings have been corroborated by one of his many victims and a key complainant (name withheld for security reasons), who has proven beyond doubts that he has been deceived and defrauded by Police Officer Agyei Asare.

Top Police Capo at Office of The President cited in $24,000 Car Fraud

Facts of the Case

It has been gathered that in August 2023, the Complainant was introduced to Officer Daniel Agyei Asare by one Mr. Nana Osei, who is a resident of Kumasi.

Officer Agyei Asare purportedly promised to utilize his connections within the ruling party and at the presidency to secure two Honda CRV cars from custom auctions.

The victim, fully convinced and relying on these promises, instructed his brothers to transfer the cedi equivalent of $24,000.00 to Officer Agyei’s Ecobank Ghana account.

See the attached bank transfer evidences here:

The transfer was made to the following account details:

Account Holder:

Officer Daniel Agyei Asare

Bank Name: Ecobank Ghana

Account Number: 1441000952086

Amount: $24,000.00 (equivalent in cedis)

Despite the payment, Officer Agyei failed to deliver the promised vehicles within the agreed timeframe.

It has been several months of failed distressed attempts to get him to face the full rigors of the law.

As it stands, the victim has contracted the Ravens Security and Intelligence Services – an Accra based private security and investigation firm, to retrieve the said money but the police officer upon several promises has refused to present neither the money nor himself to the Mile 7 Police Station where the case was officially made.

The victim further contends that Officer Agyei’s actions constitute fraud, deceit, and an act of obtaining money under false pretenses, alleging that Officer Agyei never intended to fulfill his promise of securing the vehicles.

Subsequently, he went ahead to deliberately cut off all communication channels with his victim, blocking phone numbers and other means of contact.

As we unfold this matter further, the Complainant says he is fully cooperating with the Ghana Police Service and is willing to provide any additional information or evidence required to crack the case.


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