This is just the beginning – Serwaa Broni re-acts to Hopeson Adoye’s arrest


The alleged ex-girlfriend of President Nana Akufo Addo, Evelyn Serwaa Broni has disclosed that Hopeson Adorye’s arrest is just the beginning of things to happen to him.

Yesterday, news went rife that Hopeson Adorye had been arrested for his dynamite comment on radio some weeks ago.

In the said interview, he revealed that he and some people took dynamite to the Volta region to prevent the people from coming out to vote.

Many people called for his arrest, but nothing was done to him until his invitation and arrest yesterday.

Upon his arrest, the information was sent to Serwaa Broni who reacted by saying; “He’s not seen anything yet”.

See the screenshot below:


Serwaa Broni a few years ago accused Hopeson Adorye and President Nana Addo of several things.

During that time, she revealed that Hopeson Adorye was the one who linked her up to the President and that he was aware of everything happening between them.

Despite all the allegations levelled against him by Serwaa Broni, Hopeson failed to say anything but at a later time came to say Serwaa Broni would come begging should he decide to speak up.


Content by: Qwame Benedict

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