The truth is now out. How can I tell her without hurting her


In 2018, I was dating this girl, but we broke up because she was sleeping around. Seven months later, she called me to tell me she was pregnant and that I was the father.

I was a student at the time and told her I wasn’t responsible. Her mother got on the phone and we had an argument, so I hung up the call. They then went to my mother, who called me and I told her I wasn’t the father. My mother only had two children, my sister and me, and wanted a baby so badly.

So she took the baby as her own and it grew into a healthy child. I took the child for a DNA test and it revealed that I was not the father. I don’t want to break my mother’s heart, as this child has become her source of happiness. How can I tell her the truth without hurting her?


Source: Kofi Noel


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