The Only Public Enemy Of Democracy In Ghana Is The NDC! – Says Kwamena Duncan


Kwamena Duncan has slammed the opposition National Democratic Congress over their suggestion for the Electoral Commission to shift the petition by the Seventh Day Adventists that to change the December 7 election date.

The National Democratic Congress has proposed that the Electoral Commission should push the implementation of the petition to 2028.

The General Secretary of the party, Fiifi Kwetey, in a statement sighted by Peacefmonline, stressed; “The NDC states without equivocation that the EC’s quest to hold the general election in November, 2024, will not be supported by the NDC.”

He also deflated the claim that majority of the political parties support the EC to effect the change this year.

“It is, therefore, strange but not unexpected that the Deputy Chair of the EC misled the public that almost about 60 percent of political parties supported the proposal for elections to be held in November, 2024 at the IPAC meeting held on Monday, January 19, 2024”, he stated.

But according to Kwamena Duncan, the NDC is Ghana’s public enemy as they tend not to support any good thing to prosper the nation.

He wondered what difference it makes if the Adventists’ petition comes into effect now.

“Why not now and why 2028? What makes 2028 so different from today?”, he asked, punching holes in the opposition party’s argument.

To him, the way the NDC is behaving towards the proposal leaves no Ghanaian in doubt that they are antagonistic towards Ghana’s democracy.

“If there is any public enemy of our democracy, no Ghanaian should be left in doubt who they are. Look, a political party worth its salt, even if it the concerns of one person, a political party must do what is within their remit, their power to bring that one person on board…What can a progressive country can do and what can progressive party, what can they do? It is not that that is not capable of being done. It is not that that the change is not capable of being done”, he told host Nana Yaw Kesseh on Peace FM’s morning show “Kokrokoo”.

The former Central Regional Minister was highly convinced that it is possible to fix this year’s elections in November, exclaiming “it can easily, easily be done even if we decide that we want to do it today”.





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