Suspected Criminal Wanted By Police Arrested After Faking Miracle At Pentecost Convention


A suspected criminal has been arrested after attempting to deceive attendees at an Easter convention hosted by The Church of Pentecost in Kasoa.

The individual, wanted by Police, fabricated a miraculous healing of his purported blindness, which subsequently garnered attention on social media platforms.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the 67-year-old suspect falsely claimed to have been miraculously cured of a 22-year-long blindness, a testimony at the convention that quickly spread across various social media platforms.

The Kasoa Area of The Church of Pentecost initiated a thorough investigation into the authenticity of the alleged healing and conducted an assessment of the suspect’s living conditions.

Plans were underway to provide housing and startup capital for him and his family, until it was discovered that he staged the entire ordeal.

Simultaneously, the Ghana Police Service launched an investigation upon viewing the viral video, leading to the tracking and subsequent arrest of the suspect.

A statement issued by Apostle James Kwabena Asare, the Kasoa Area Head of The Church of Pentecost, addressed the incident, stating: “One incident occurred (healing of the blind man) which turned out to be fake. The supposed blind man has turned out to be an alleged criminal who has caused a lot of atrocities and has been hiding from facing the law. He has now been exposed and handed over to the Police.”

Furthermore, the statement urged members of the church to refrain from discussing or sharing information about the fabricated miracle on social media platforms.

Apostle Asare also emphasized the importance of obtaining permission from the Area media committee before disseminating any information related to the church on social media platforms, in an effort to prevent similar incidents in the future.



Content by: Kojo Ansah

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