Supreme Court orders detention of police officer for shouting at …….


Akolgo Yakubu Ayamga, an Assistant Superintendent of the Ghana Police Service and a practising lawyer was arrested and detained by the Supreme Court for contempt during court proceedings according to a report filed by .

The incident is said to have occurred on the 14th of November 2023 when Ayamga, visibly angered by the dismissal of his application, shouted at the Supreme Court bench, including the Chief Justice. The outburst, deemed contemptuous by the Chief Justice, led to Ayamga’s immediate arrest and detention.

Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo, presiding over the bench, ordered his removal from the courtroom, citing him for contempt. Ayamga was then escorted to a detention room, where he awaited trial for his actions. The report explained that Ayamga disagreed with the dismissal of his application and the subsequent imposition of a GH¢10,000 cost against his side.


His emotional response, particularly directed at the Chief Justice, prompted the court’s decision to take swift action. Senior members of the legal community, including Addo Attuah and Dr. Bassit Bamba, rose to plead for clemency on behalf of Ayamga.

Despite their efforts, the Chief Justice expressed concern over Ayamga’s conduct, referencing a previous report from the Takoradi High Court to highlight similar behaviour. The Chief Justice remarked that Ayamga’s actions were unbecoming of a lawyer and emphasized the importance of maintaining professionalism and ethical standards in court.

One Justice Pwamang is reported to have advised Ayamga that aggression has no place in a courtroom and urged him to adhere to the rules of the legal arena. Following the pleas for mercy, the Chief Justice decided to discharge Ayamga, cautioning him against repeating such behaviour. Addo Attuah, acknowledging Ayamga’s learning curve, urged leniency, emphasizing that Ayamga was still navigating the intricacies of legal ethics.

Justice Kulendi on the other hand, used the opportunity to deliver a brief lecture on effective advocacy, likening it to the art of wooing a woman. He emphasized that courts are swayed by persuasion, not aggression, prompting laughter from both the gallery and the bench.



Source: ghanaweb

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