Shamima Muslim accuses government of deferring issues rather than addressing them directly.


Former broadcast journalist Shamima Muslim has criticized the New Patriotic Party government for what she terms as “gaslighting the people of Ghana.” She accuses the government of deferring issues rather than addressing them directly.

In a Facebook post, she sarcastically suggests that Ghanaians should “restructure” their financial dealings in response to the government’s handling of the economy, mirroring the language used by officials.

Her post reads:

GHANAIANS MUST RESTRUCTURE & DISCOUNT THEIR PAIN AND HARDSHIP! …the Gospel according to NanaBawumiah …hope is coming, defer your pain today for an enjoyable tomorrow.

 At this rate, we all have to restructure our existing pain and hardships. Please, when you go out to buy any item, tell the seller you want to restructure payment; in fact, tell them you are implementing price headcuts—they should take it or leave it. Add that when you get money later, you will come and redeem your obligations. Until then, whatever you say you are feeling, you are not feeling it.

This is the word of the MEN… let us rejoice and be glad in it. Muslim’s comments follow the Finance Minister’s recent media engagement regarding the state of the economy. Her post uses humor and irony to express discontent and calls for more straightforward action from the government.



Source: ghanaweb,com

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