Sammy Gyamfi issues strong disclaimer


The National Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, has once again expressed his frustration, regarding the existence of a fake Facebook account using his name.

The imposter page, operating under the name “Sammy Genfi,” has over 159k followers, despite Sammy Gyamfi’s repeated disclaimers and reports to Facebook.

A statement released on March 25 2024, by the National Communications officer of the NDC, emphasized that the page titled “SAMMY GENFI” is not affiliated with him in any way.

He revealed that despite numerous disclaimers and reports to Facebook, followers continue to believe that the imposter account is genuine and urged his supporters to unfollow the fake account, report it to Facebook, and disregard any content produced by the imposter.

One of the main reasons for Gyamfi’s concern is the incorrect spelling of his name on the fraudulent account. With his actual name spelt as “Sammy Gyamfi,” the imposter intentionally misspelt it as “Sammy Genfi.” This simple difference has caused considerable confusion and led to thousands of individuals following the fake account.

To ensure a clear distinction, Sammy Gyamfi provided a link to his verified Facebook account that can be accessed at

He concluded by urging the public to be vigilant and aware of the fake “Sammy Genfi” Facebook page, calling for further action to shut it down and bring the imposter to justice.


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