Ricard Sky exposed of double standards as his old old ‘anti-gay’ post resurfaces


In less than 36 hours after Richard Dela Sky, a media and private legal practitioner filed a suit at Ghana’s Apex Court praying the Court to declare null and void the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, popularly known as the ‘anti-gay’ bill, an anti-gay post allegedly made by the plaintiff some years back where he expressed his disgust and hate for homosexuals has resurfaced on the internet.

In a Facebook post dated June 9, 2011, and sighted by GhanaWeb, Richard Dela Sky recounted to his many followers how a young man who opened up to him about being gay requested his assistance to lead a sustained campaign to mount pressure on all relevant authorities to legalize the activities of the LGBT community in Ghana.

Folks, can you imagine, the youngman is asking me to help him lead what he calls “a sustained media campaign to pressurize Ghanaian authorities to recognise gay rigths in all forms?” Massa, I beg you in God’s name, please try elsewhere,” parts of the post on Facebook read.

In the same post, Sky continued to state categorically that if there’s anything he hates, then it is ‘homos’, a street slang for homosexuals.

He asserts that the bill’s provisions “raise profound concerns regarding the potential infringement of the fundamental human rights and freedoms guaranteed to every Ghanaian by the Constitution.”

Dela Sky maintains that his suit is not a declaration of his support for the LGBT community, but rather, a fight to avert the abuse of fundamental human rights

Check out Dela Sky’s 2011 Facebook post



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