Reasons Why You Should Never Date a Single Mother and Marry Her


Lately dating a single mother become more popular. It is perhaps because the influenced of some TV series and movies that show about relationship between man and a single mother. More over, among men a single mother has their own place and they keep talking about it mostly it is about their sex fantasy. Well, not going to deny it a single mother in some ways is hotter than a single ladies, especially whats on man’s wild thought.

Here are reasons why you should never date a single mother

Everyone knows there is not boundary to love. However, a relationship between man–especially a very young one–and a single mother seems to be not quite right for most of people. If you are now in that kind of condition or happen to have thought about going to get it, here are reasons why you should never date a single mother.

1. Not Everyone Going to Accept It

Reasons why you should never date a single mother the first one is because not everyone going to accept your relationship with a single mother. Some people will have their opinion like it is not right for you and so on. If you mentally prepare with that, than you still can go on a bit.

2. Busy Person

A single mother won’t have that many spare times. They are such a busy person, within with their family or with works. This is one of the reasons why you should never date a single mother because you can easily go on a date like other couples.

3. They Have So Many Stuff to Think About

Being a single mother is very difficult. They have so many stuff to think about like household-related thingy or even future plan for their children.

4. You Are Not Their Priority

Dating a single mother is not like in the movie which you can get and crave their love–or sex–so much. In reality, you are probably not their priority because there are so many thing that they prioritized beside love.

5. Their Children Comes First

A single mother will treasure their children. They would do basically everything for their children. Reasons why you should never date a single mother? Because your existence is below beyond their children since their children comes first.

6. Their Previous Marriage Ended For Reasons

They decided to be a single mother and ended up their marriage for reasons. You need to think about it, maybe they are not as perfect as their appearance.

7. Inferior Body Than Younger Woman

No one would stay young. Reasons why you should never date a single mother? If you are a typical that care about someone looks like, a single mother is not your perfect match. They have an inferior body than younger woman because the post-pregnancy and give birth.

8. Want a Serious Relationship

A single mother usually wants a serious relationship to build a new family. If you still can’t stick to a commitment, you should never date a single mother because it is wasted both you and their time.

9. Need Permission From Their Children

Reasons why you should never date a single mother? Remember that they have children with them. Like it being said before, they practically want a serious man to become a father to their children. That is why most of single mother likely would need permission from their children before bond to someone.

10. Financial Matter

One of problem a single mother has is financial matter. If they work and have such high position in their job, it doesn’t really matter. However, how about when they didn’t? You should think about it but if you think you can make it through this then you are fine.




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