Real Tamale United risks a lifetime ban


Real Tamale United is facing a potential lifetime ban from the Ghana Premier League due to allegations of impersonation.

The controversy arose after the team fielded unregistered players against Dreams FC, as the first-team players boycotted the match over unpaid salaries and entitlements.
In a surprising twist, the team sheet listed names of first-team players who did not travel to Dawu, leading to suspicions of impersonation.

This violation of league regulations has incited outrage, prompting the Ghana Football Association to consider taking decisive and severe action.
The use of unregistered players and the alleged impersonation blatantly breach league rules, bringing disrepute to the sport.

This incident sheds light on the deeper issues within RTU, particularly the unpaid salaries and entitlements that triggered the first-team players’ boycott.
The Ghana Football Association must take a firm stance to preserve the league’s integrity and enforce its regulations.
RTU, already relegated from the top division, suffered an 8-1 defeat to Dreams, with Agyenim Boateng Mensah scoring five goals.




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