Prophetess exposes popular gay gospel musician who slept with her through her anus and infected her with HIV


In a shocking narration on confession show, an anonymous prophetess has exposed a famous Ghanaian gospel musician who has infected her with HIV/AIDS.

According to the prophetess, she met this gospel musician at a programme she was invited to and exchanged contact with him because she wanted to invite her to her programs also.

Fast forward, the prophetess said the musician proposed marriage to her after they had worked together for a while because God had revealed it to him.

After their marriage, she said she had to beg her husband to satisfy her in bed and that even last not more than one minute. This according to her continued for a longer period and decided to find out from her husband why he fails to satisfy her properly bed.

To her surprise, she said her husband told her she can only satisfy well through her anus. The prophetess went further to narrate how she eventually found out that her, the famous gospel musician is gay and even sleeps with some of the young men in her church.

The lady said one of his gay partners who attended her church came to her office one day and disclosed to her that her husband had been sleeping with him with no compensation.

Watch her narration below


Content by: Gertrude Nkansah Nkansah

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