Prophet Drops Scary Doom Prophecy on Twene Jonas [ VIDEO]


A Ghanaian prophet who no one of consequence knows has dropped a doom prophecy against Twene Jonas, alleging that he’s going to be murdered in 2024.

According to the prophet, whom many have dismissed as a clout chaser, Jonas is being targeted by some very prominent Ghanaian personalities he insulted in his videos.

According to him, these big men are members of the Freemasons that the public doesn’t know about.

He claims these Freemasons held a ritual in which they spiritually attacked Twene Jonas.

The prophet claims this attack will manifest in 2024 and lead to Jonas’ death.

He claims that he knows Ghanaians will insult him but he’s going to drop the prophecy nevertheless.

Much like Jonas will probably do, social media users have dismissed the prophet and his prophecy as fraudulent.

“God forbid… nothing will happen to our Twene Jonas,” one netizen said.

“IGP please this man wants to kill Jonas 2024,abeg arrest him for us make he show evidence from God nu another fan added.

Watch the video below….it will be interesting to see Jonas’ reaction to this!


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