Private investigator lists the four tell-tale signs your partner is having an affair


Suspecting your other half might be having an affair can be heart-breaking, but there’s one private investigator who has made it his job to catch out unfaithful partners

Private investigator Aaron Bond has listed four tell-tale signs

A private investigator has shared the four tell-tale signs your partner is likely cheating on you. Cheating can be really upsetting and is one of the more challenging problems that you may face in a relationship.

Sometimes people are shocked to find out their partner is cheating. While others might guess it because of unusual behaviour.

Although cheating isn’t always black and white, according to private investigator Aaron Bond from Bond Rees Private Investigations there are some common red flags to look out for. If your partner exhibits any of the following they could be cheating.

They start to take their phone everywhere with them

In close relationships, it’s normal to know each other’s passwords and use each other’s phones, if their phone habits change then they may be hiding something. Aaron says: “If your partner starts changing their passwords, starts taking their phone everywhere with them, even around the house or they become defensive when you ask to use their phone it could be a sign of them not being faithful.

“You should also look at how they place their phone down when not in use. If they face the phone with the screen facing down, then they could be hiding something.”

They start telling you less about their day

When partners cheat they can start to avoid you, this could be down to them feeling guilty or because it makes it easier for them to lie to you, Aaron says. “If you feel like your partner has suddenly begun to avoid you and they don’t want to do things with you any more or they stop telling you about their day then this is another red flag,” he added.

“Partners often avoid their spouses or tell them less about their day because cheating can be tough, remembering all of your lies is impossible and it’s an easy way to get caught out.”

Their libido changes

Your partner’s libido can change for a range of reasons so it may not be a sure sign of cheating but it can be a red flag according to Aaron. “Cheaters often have less sex at home because they are cheating, but on occasions, they may also have more sex at home, this is because they feel guilty and use this increase in sex to hide their cheating,” he says.

“You may also find that your partner will start to introduce new things into your sex life that weren’t there before.”

They become negative towards you

Cheaters know that cheating is wrong, and while it may feel good at the time, it can cause tension and anxiety within themselves which they will need to justify. Aaron explains: “To get rid of the tension they feel inside they will try to convince themselves that you are the problem and they will become critical of you out of nowhere.

“Maybe you haven’t walked the dog that day, put the dishes away or read a book to your children before bedtime. A small problem like this can now feel like a big deal and if you experience this your partner could be cheating.”


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