Prime suspect of Jirapa Dubai CEO’s murder revealed


The sacked Human Resource (HR) Officer of the Royal Cosy Hills Hotel, Elyasah Mahama is in the grips of the police in connection with the gruesome murder of the Chief Executive Officer of the facility.

Mr. Elyasah Mahama was allegedly picked up at a hideout in Takoradi and airlifted to Wa on a commercial flight for interrogation.

Available information indicates that the former HR officer was sacked on Thursday, February 8, 2024, by Mr. Eric Johnson; three days before his murder.

Sources say Mr. Mahama allegedly left the Jirapa township few hours after the incident. He was subsequently traced to Takoradi where he was arrested.

After a few days of interrogation in Wa, he was sent back to Takoradi for further interrogation before finally being brought back to Wa.

The arrest of Elyasah Mahama brings the number of people arrested in connection with the murder of the business man to eight.


The renowned businessman was found dead in a pool of blood at his private residence on Sunday, February 11.

It has been confirmed that Mr Johnson’s attacker or attackers used a ladder to climb over his wall before using a master card to gain access to his room.

The deceased is believed to have finished taking his bath before the attack. He was found on the floor with his towel around him and bearing deep wounds on his body suspected to have been inflicted by his killer or killers.

His car was driven out of the compound but was later found abandoned in town.

Meanwhile, seven people have been picked up so far for interrogation over the murder.

In a press statement, the Ghana Police Service said two new suspects were picked up after the initial arrest of five following the discovery of the businessman’s lifeless body.

Dookuuri Fausta, Braimah Kasim, Beyuo Felix, Michael Klugey, Kumbata Kwaku, Charles Tuoze and Favour Nuobe are the suspects assisting the police with investigations into the multiple stabbing and murder of Eric Johnson.

Out of the number, the Wa Magistrate Court has remanded five individuals.

Presided over by Maxibrain Titreku, the court ordered the remand of the five suspects on Thursday, February 15, following a petition from the police for additional investigations.

Nevertheless, the court granted bail to two of the suspects. The Regional Crime Scene Management Team has since examined the incident site.

Mr. Mahama is therefore expected to join the five other suspects who were arrested earlier at the Wa District Court tomorrow.



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