Popular Minister staying at East Legon made me sleep with a big Snake he has in his closest and now my ‘chop pot’ has started discharging maggot – Lady shockingly reveals, seeks help.


A UPSA level 200 student has narrated how a popular MP staying at East Legon is using ladies for alleged money rituals.

According to the student, the MP will shower you with so much money and gifts and will not ask for s*x.

Narrating her story, she said, he promised her a lot of things and was giving her 10k every week which she was living big on campus.

She revealed that she visited him at his house one weekend and after they finished making out, he told her to wait for 30 minutes before his driver dropped her off at school.

She explained that the man gave her some drink and after some time she became h0rny and what she saw next was a big snake on the bed.

Read the full post she shared on Jodel for more details:



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