Politics is not a Church………What you must hide should be more than what you reveal – Kusi Boafo


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of Public Sector Reforms, Thomas Kusi Boafo says, politics is not a Church.This, he said is because, politics as a social institution entails alot of wrongdoing than the church.

Expressing concerns on the demise of the deputy finance minister, John Ampontuah Kumah, he stated that anyone involved in politics must be prepared for anything that comes their way.“You must be baptised before you enter into politics.

You should also learn to be matured in this game. When you join politics, you should be very circumspect of your what you do. What you must hide should be more than what you reveal” Mr Boafo stressed.

Speaking with Oheneba Nana Asiedu on Wontumi TV, on 11th March, 2024, he argued that politics has both good and bad sides.In line with this, he highlighted that every institution has its own flaws.“Even prostitution is a global empire now.

The people who do good in sports, church, and politics are the same people who do the bad things in these institutions” he added.He finally implored individuals to be meticulous of the words of the mouth as it is capable of causing misfortunes.


Source: wontumionline.com

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